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Many items relating to children, youth, fundraisers, charities, or churches can be inserted free-of-charge as long as the ad is sized and in a "ready-to-use" format.

Free Ads are limited to a single ad, flyer or registration form per event (8.5x11 or smaller). Each additional ad needed can be purchased at $5/per week or $15/per 4-week cycle.

Free Ads will only run for up to 5 weeks unless special allowance is given by Community Corner.

The following type of ads can be submitted at no-cost:

  • Any charity or fundraising event where the majority of proceeds go to benefit a person, family or cause.
  • Any church fundraising event where donations go to benefit a person, family, cause, or church.
  • Any free-of-cost child or youth event.
  • Any school event where collected funds go back to directly supporting the school or specific charity or cause.

The following type of ads cannot be submitted at no-cost:

  • Any ad promoting you, your business or non profit organization (including churches) strictly for publicity.
  • Any ad promoting elections, propositions, political statements or events.
  • Any ad offering coupons, discounts or special pricing for your business or craft.
  • Any ad for child or youth sports where all proceeds do not go directly back to a school or church.
  • Any ad for hiring full or part-time staff, volunteers or employees.
  • Any ad that Community Corner deems as a paid ad at its discretion.

Reach out to Community Corner at if you have any questions about advertising.